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Harnessing the Power of Logo Branding

North American businesses invest millions of dollars in advertising each year. In fact, since the introduction of online methods, these numbers have grown significantly. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of business owners just aren’t getting noticed. What have you done to get noticed? Are you an efficient, take-charge advertiser, or is your company getting lost in the shuffle?

If you’re not reaching a comfortable level of profit, there’s good news. Logo branding is an effective and resourceful way to get ahead of the competition. The choice is yours; you can fight for success or you can wait for things to come to you. Even better, how about bringing something to potential customers?

Logo branding is a surefire way to keep your business name at clients’ fingertips. Of course, you need a great logo before buying boxes of products. If you already have a logo, ask yourself what it says about your business. Does the logo reflect your industry? Will customers recognize it when they see it again? Remember, branding means you and your clients could be staring at this logo for years to come, so it’s important to find a professional designer who can deliver results.

Almost anything can be branded, from writing instruments to clothing. One of the most popular items for branding is pens. We’ve all owned a pen inscribed with a business name, haven’t we? We’ve also picked up a pen belonging to someone else and instantly read the company name written along the side. That could be your business. Your pen could be found on desks citywide right now, increasing your customer base without any effort.

Another hot branding item is clothing. While most of us think of shirts, the clothing lines extend much further. There are pants, activewear pieces, hats, scarves and aprons. Even the tried-and-true shirt can be branded in a variety of styles, such as golf shirts, dress shirts, and t-shirts. Imagine seeing your company logo on passerbys as you walk down the street. Think about the exposure your business would receive if your quality clothing items found their way into clients’ wardrobes. There is always a market for clothing. Get out there and make yourself a part of the opportunity.

When you’re dealing with other professionals or clients working office jobs, you can even make your logo part of their work space. For example, paperweights are a great alternative to the usual business card. Let’s face it, business cards are good for reference, but no one displays the cards they’ve received on their desk. However, the chance of someone seeing your logo on another person’s desk by way of a paperweight or other desk item is quite high. Even better, common designs have fallen by the wayside. Paperweights can now be found in a variety of modern styles and make a wonderful gift.

The options are endless. If you’re not sure what to order or what products your clients would enjoy, consider tapping into the child sector. Regardless of your industry, there’s a good chance many of your customers are accompanied by their children when they check out your services or location. Believe it or not, even children’s products can be branded, like puzzles, balls, and bookmarks. Foam walking pets are always a hit with kids, and could bring your company logo to every end of the city. Are you ready to make a worthwhile investment that will increase your client base? We thought so.

Take some time and think about the products that would provide the best exposure for your company. Now, get ready to dive in. Sometimes we own logo branded items and have no idea how we ended up with them. Wouldn’t you like to become one of those businesses? Bring your dollars back to you and keep expenses down by buying in bulk. Any way you look at it, logo branding is one way to advertise that just won’t let you down.

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