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Want to get Googled?

Claim your position as number 1

Dominate your market - Rank at #1


You should. Studies show that up to 80% of Internet users turn to their favorite search engines to navigate the web, making a top-ten listing all the more important to your online marketing success.

But how can you get listed without spending big bucks?

The key is to make your website search-engine friendly and that means a little SEO. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a big buzzword in the online marketing community and for good reason. SEO can make your site easier for the search engines to find. It can help boost your rankings and connect with your target market. In short, SEO is a must-have if you want potential customers to find you online.

The good news is, SEO isn’t as complicated as you might think. The trick is to start with good content, in-depth, topic-related copy that is keyword-rich. So when a user searches for your products/services, the search engines will find pages and pages on your site that talk about your products and services in great length. New products, used products, how to use products and which products are the best - these keywords and phrases tell the search engine that you’re serious about your topic and more importantly, those Internet users will find the information they want when they visit your site.

Another component of good SEO are meta tags - informational pieces of coding that sit in the header portion of your document. Your customers can’t see them, but the search engines certainly can. Common meta tags include keywords (a list of key words and phrases relevant to your document), title ( - Your Products & Services!) and the description (a brief paragraph that summarizes what your page is about). While they use to be the end-all of SEO, the big three search engines (Yahoo!, MSN and Google) don’t rely on meta tags anymore and you’ll find a number of SEO experts that believe these little tags are a thing of the past. But don’t turn your back on them just yet because many of the smaller search engines still rely heavily on meta tags to rank their results and the more listings you have across the web, the more likely you are to be picked up by the coveted big three.

What about Pay-Per-Click campaigns?

Because most small business owners have limited resources, many turn to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns as a quick SEO fix. And although PPC efforts will get your company listed, its not the same as having a top listing in the organic results. Remember, your users are smart. They know that the paid listings are just that - paid listings - and anyone with a few bucks can get their company a top spot. But the organic rankings aren’t based on who spent the most money for a particular keyword. They rely on the relevance and usefullness of the particular page - something your users hold very dear.

Want to make the most of your website?

Contact Mode Impact today and discover what quality SEO can do for you!

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